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Modern Farmer is launching the Million Gardens Movement to build a community of people who believe our everyday decisions about what we eat and how we live directly shape our land and our society. We want to bring together people who understand the simple act of planting a tomato is an act of hope and resilience.


Covid-19 and the recession have revealed our food systems and our communities can be vulnerable. It is our hope that members of the Millions Garden Movement can come together to help address these issues, and to help their community.

We Are All Modern Farmers Now

My name is Frank Giustra. I am the owner of Modern Farmer magazine. When we decided to launch this magazine seven years ago, it was due to our love and passion for food. We had a hunch that a large and growing segment of the population shared our feelings and wanted to know more about […]


Share your garden pictures and stories on social media using the hashtag #MillionGardens.

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Support World Central Kitchen

Plant a "Virtual Garden" by making donatation to World Central Kitchen – an amazing organization that has served over 5 million meals to families affected by COVID-19.

Learn to Garden

All proceeds from our Million Gardens Movement sales go to World Central Kitchen.