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Meet the Modern Farmer

Young Agriculturalists, Take Note

When Matthew and Joe Brugger left their family’s farm for college, they didn’t know what... (more)

Alex Robinson
August 15, 2019
Meet the Modern Farmer: Jeanene Miller of Abundant Greens

There’s local, there’s hyperlocal, and then there’s Jeanene Miller. The fiber-artist-turned-farmer and owner of Abundant... (more)

Kim Bussing
August 11, 2019
How Two Urban Farmers Got Their Start Leveraging Backyard Space

In 2015, Madeleine Maltby began knocking on neighborhood doors in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, with... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
August 8, 2019
From Foreign Service to Chief Veggie Officer

Mary Ackley always had a passion for natural sciences and the environment, but for a... (more)

Alex Robinson
August 6, 2019
Can You Combine Sheep Farming With Winemaking? These Two Vermont Friends Are...

They’re an unlikely pair, but Vermont friends Ethan Joseph and Michael Kirk have managed to... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
August 2, 2019
Purple Tea Is Gaining Ground in Kenya

In 2009, Karanja Kinyanjui visited the Tea Research Institute in Kangaita and was told about... (more)

Daniel Sitole
July 22, 2019
How a Malaysian Fruit Transformed a Small Indian Village

When Merlin Varghese’s great-grandfather, Moothedan Varghese, went to Malaysia for higher education a century ago,... (more)

Romita Saluja
July 15, 2019
This Finger Lime Farm Is Nothing to Shake a Finger At

Jim Shanley is tirelessly curious, especially when it comes to food. His philosophy on farming... (more)

Trevor Hagstrom & Maggie Rosenburg
July 8, 2019